Why Invisalign Online Is Not The Way To Go

The newest and greatest craze to hit the orthodontic world is Invisalign. It is a system that allows you to straighten your teeth without using metal braces and bands. Using completely clear trays, you can fix your smile without anyone knowing. There are several advantages that Invisalign offers over traditional braces, which is why it has become hugely popular. So popular, in fact, that you can now get the Invisalign system over the internet. But as anyone knows, just because you can do something does not mean that you should. These are the main reasons why Invisalign online is not the way to go.

1 Not Everyone Can Have Physical Scans

The Invisalign system works by taking scans of someone’s bite and teeth to produce trays that gently move teeth into place. But for many who use the online system, a qualified orthodontist is not available in their area to do the scans. That means that many people only have the impression kit to send in. Once the impressions are sent in, a trained orthodontist reviews them to create a treatment plan. If you don’t do the impression kit correctly, then the orthodontist is working off the wrong impression – both figuratively and literally. That means that you are starting with the wrong information from the get-go.

2 Online Systems Can Only Focus on Straight Teeth

An orthodontist uses the impression kit by examining it to make the teeth straight. That means that they focus on the bottom and the top individually. Unfortunately, for some patients, that means that the orthodontist isn’t paying attention to the patient’s actual “bite,” which is how the teeth “meet” when you bite down. Since braces are supposed to correct not just the straightness of teeth, but overall orthodontic issues, that component might not be addressed if you aren’t evaluated and watched by an orthodontist to see the progression.

3 You Aren’t Monitored By an Orthodontist

Since you are on your own to switch trays and to wear them when you are supposed to, there are no guards making sure that things are going well. This means if things start to go a bit awry, there is no way to know until the entire system is over and you are dissatisfied with the results. By then, you would have to start the entire process over again. There is no “monitoring” to make sure that things are going along as they should.

Invisalign is an excellent alternative for many who are looking to get the straight teeth of their dreams. But if you choose to do it online, there is no one monitoring your progress, and they may be working off false impressions. If you are going to choose Invisalign, it is always best to have a trained, real-life professional to make sure that things are going the best way possible. That is why Invisalign online is not the way to go. Contact Beach Cities Dental Group today to see how we can get you the smile you have always wanted.