What Are The Best Ways To Find A Good Dentist?

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Whether you’re new in town, looking to find a better dentist, or just realizing you should probably get your teeth looked at, you’re probably wondering about the best way to find a good dentist in Oxnard, CA. We at Beach Cities Dental Group would like to help you make that decision. How do you even know what makes a dentist a good one? Take a look at these tips to find the dentist that’s right for you.

Ask for Recommendations

If you know someone living in the area where you’d like to find a dentist, ask them for a personal recommendation. Maybe you have a friend that has a dentist they really like, or your mom remembers the name of the dentist you used to go to when you were little, or a new coworker knows of a new dentist in the area that got great reviews. Whatever your situation, this is the place to start. Personal recommendations will give you the confidence of knowing someone else has benefitted from that dentist.

Search Local Dentists Online

Once you have recommendations, or if you haven’t found any, do a quick search with your favorite search engine or with the American Dental Association. Look up the websites of local dentist offices, read through reviews, and get a sense of the services they offer. See which ones you connect with just from their online presence. It’s okay if there’s more than one.

Check with your Insurance Provider

If you have dental insurance, it’s likely the company will have a directory of dental offices that take your insurance. Take the time to cross-reference any searches or recommendations with a dental directory to be sure your insurance can be used for your visit. These directories may also have reviews and/or preferred providers that can help you narrow down your choices.

Schedule a Consultation with One or More Dentists

Before making a final decision, schedule a consultation with any dental office you are interested in. This is a great time to ask the dentist any questions you have, get an idea of estimated costs from each dentist, and see how close the offices are from your home or work. Good questions to ask are: Are they focused on prevention and not just treatment of mouth disease? What are their office hours? Can they work with any financial issues that may come up? Do they use anesthesia or any other tools that you may be allergic to? Write down all of your questions before each visit, so you don’t forget anything.

Once you’ve conducted your search and visited each office, you’re ready to make a final decision. Choose a dentist that you feel will be an advocate for your oral health and has time for you on your schedule. Make sure you click with them, that you are comfortable talking about your issues and asking questions. Your dentist should be there to help you no matter the situation. You should feel confident in your decision.


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