What Is Oral Sedation?

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If you are one of those patients who is afraid to go to the dentist, oral sedation is what you need to help you relax. Some people have a genuine phobia about dental procedures and the tools that dentists use. If you are anxious thinking about your dental visits or if you having invasive dental surgery, oral sedation is the answer to your fears.

How Does Oral Sedation Work?

If you are interested in oral sedation, your dentist’s office will request your entire medical history. They will also check your blood pressure to make sure that you’re a good candidate for receiving it. If they determine that you can take oral sedation for your procedure, your dental office will prescribe two doses of medication. You’ll take the first dose the night before you come in and you will receive the second dose an hour before your dental procedure. These doses will help you relax before your procedure begins.

Necessary Precautions

When you opt for oral sedation, you can’t drive a car at all or travel by yourself. Someone needs to accompany you to your appointment to drive you back home after your procedure is finished. Be sure to choose someone you can trust with your dental procedure information. They will also be required to take all the necessary follow-up and after-care instructions that are provided for you.

Is Oral Sedation For Everyone?

Oral sedation may not be for everyone. We don’t recommend it if you are allergic to the medication used. Or if you are a glaucoma patient or pregnant, oral sedation is not a good idea. Oral sedation is also not recommended for patients who may have depression or bipolar disorder. Patients with liver or kidney impairment or congestive heart failure are also not good candidates for oral sedation.


At Beach Cities Dental Group, we help you relax and provide a professional dental visit experience. Don’t avoid dental work because of fear or anxiety. If you are in need of cosmetic dental procedures, such as taking care of discolored, missing or crooked teeth, we provide comprehensive dental care in Oxnard, CA. We have a fantastic team of dentists that can give you a comfortable experience on your next visit. Contact us to schedule your dental appointment.

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