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Preventive dental care can help protect the health of your smile, your overall health, and improve your quality of life. Clean, healthy teeth help patients enjoy a balanced diet, self-confidence, and can help deter the development of serious systemic health concerns. At Beach Cities Dental Group our compassionate and dedicated staff work to help patients enjoy their visits and provide individualized oral hygiene care and advice. We have incorporated state of the art technology for dentistry that is both minimally invasive and highly effective, offered in the comfort of our relaxing Oxnard, CA dentist office.

At the heart of Dr. Haddad’s dental practice is comprehensive general dentistry. A solid oral foundation can help patients enjoy their optimal oral health for years to come. Dr. Haddad provides experienced, comprehensive dentistry for patients of all ages with a focus on disease prevention and early detection of dental concerns. She is a leading area dentist in the treatment of sleep apnea for both children and adults. Sleep apnea can have a wide ranging effect on all aspects of your health and well being, impacting your quality of life and raising the risk for stroke and heart attack in adults. Dr. Haddad takes the time to screen all patients for sleep apnea and offers advanced care to restore both dental and overall health.

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General Dentistry Oxnard, CA

Preventative Care for A Healthy Smile

Brushing and flossing are as integral to your oral health as visiting the dentist at least twice a year. A healthy diet low in sugar and regular dental cleanings can all help to keep your smile beautiful and healthy. Maintaining oral health through diligent preventative dental care can help patients avoid the need for complex restorative procedures.

Tooth decay is one of the leading dental health concerns in children, teens, and adults. When detected early, tooth decay can be treated with dental fillings or an inlay or onlay. If left untreated, tooth caries can progress resulting in the need for a root canal or even tooth extraction. Patients with higher incidents of tooth decay are more prone to developing receding gums, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Sedation Dentistry Oxnard, CA

Many patients forgo their biannual dental checkups due to dental anxiety. For many, this results in compromised function of the bite, difficulty eating and speaking and loss of confidence. Patients who neglect their oral health may end up in need of complex dental restorations.

Dr. Haddad offers sedation dentistry options for patients suffering from dental anxiety. Whether you have been away from the dentist for many years, or are in need of a dental procedure that makes you uneasy, our compassionate and experienced staff will take the time to answer all of your questions and help ease you through your dental care. Sedation dentistry can help alleviate dental anxiety, so patients can feel relaxed during their dental care.

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