When You Can Wait and When It Is A Tooth Emergency

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If you have kids, then at some point you will likely encounter a tooth accident. Tooth accidents are different from other types of health emergencies. There is really no such thing as a dental emergency room. And since you typically wait for your dentist to have office hours and schedule an appointment ahead of time, if something happens during off-hours, it might leave you wondering whether it is an emergency or not. These are the signs that you can’t wait for the “open” sign to be on at your local dentist in Oxnard, CA’s office door.

If You Have a Cracked Tooth

One of the most common dental emergencies that children and adults alike can have is a cracked tooth. If you crack a tooth, it might or might not need emergency care. But how do you know the difference? In general, if you don’t feel any pain, then it is usually all right to wait to call your dentist in Oxnard, CA during office hours. However, if the crack leads to an exposed nerve, the pain can be severe. Although the emergency room might not be capable of repairing the tooth, they can give you something for the pain. This should tide you over until you can get into a dentist’s chair.

If There is Another Type of Damage

If you damage your teeth, and you’ve hurt areas like gums, lips, or your tongue – and the damage is significant – then visiting the emergency room is a good idea. It isn’t just about repairing the tooth; if other things were hurt badly enough, stitches might be necessary. And even if you wait to see the dentist, they likely can’t address the other issues that need to be looked at. So if you have extensive damage to other parts of your mouth, lips, or gums, it is best to see an emergency room professional, so that you don’t end up with an infection.

For a Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out

If you have had your tooth knocked out, then it probably is not an isolated injury. It’s likely other areas of your mouth are damaged. In most cases, if your tooth is knocked loose, then seeking emergency attention is probably warranted. While they can’t do much about your missing tooth, they will be able to handle any other issues that you have related to the accident.

It is difficult to know when a tooth emergency needs immediate care. The best way is to determine whether anything can get worse while you are waiting. For example, can you develop an infection in another part of your mouth? It also depends on how much pain you can bear. It is always best to err on the side of caution and call your dentist in Oxnard, CA and emergency provider to ask what you should do.

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